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blog commenting sites

Connecting word through Blog commenting

What is a Blog?

Most of us read blogs now these days, we are often asked what a blog actually is? Simply, a blog is a personal journal on the web. So the Blogs express as many different subjects. Because there are different people writing them. Some blogs are highly significant and have a massive readership. And on the other hand, many sites are intended to create for a close circle of family and friends. For example, a business blog can be an incredible asset for your brand or company.

Recently, Blogging has become a part of our mainstream culture. Now, these days, blogs are more than personal diaries published online. As it became a modern trend that everyone has got some fame in any field keeps a personal blog. So, It helps us to build a personal brand to attract potential clients.in such ways, Blogging also became a source of news, gossip, social media feeding, interesting facts etc. With time blogs are being used as a digital marketing tool for example blog commenting sites are being used to get High PR in search engines like google.

History of Blog

The Blogging began its journey in hand of an undergraduate student Justin Hall in 1994. As he had introduced the first blog site  links.net. According to Hall, he created the site to publish his writing online. So, the site was quite simple and contained a collection of links he found while browsing the web, along with photographs. So, flowing through this idea, many others start sharing their personal experiences online.

At that time it was named as “Online Diaries” or Personal Pages.” In 1997 the old name has been changed to “Weblog”. It was named by Jorn Barger, Later he updated his log activity on the internet. Just like the blogs we know today. Likewise, the most recent links Barger collected appeared at the top of the page. By pushing the older in chronological order. As a result, The rapid development of blogging platforms made easier for the general public to create their personal blogs.

Blog Commenting

Many blogs support a specific area mostly at the bottom of each post for a blog reader to leave a comment. Most blog commenting sites have few fields. Typically the space to ask visitors for their name, email address, and website address. So, the blog commenting option allows the readers to share and ask an author. And they can also start a discussion with the blogger by engaging other readers too.

Generally, Blog commenting create a sense of community among loyal blog readers. Also, it is considered a great digital marketing strategy. By leaving thoughtful comments on a blog post, an individual or a business is able to gain exposure among that blog’s audience. Also, the Blog commenting sites can help an individual or a business to achieve leadership in a particular industry. As a result, it may create new business opportunities.

Just as fuel is to vehicle likewise, comments are to blogs. By using Blog commenting, knowledge is shared. As the Blog commenting sites are a particular way to viral out the blogs. Also, commenting leads to the conversation which, further leads to building a relationship between the user and the author. So, the more the conversations, the better will be your popularity. Moreover, it’s not only about popularity by commenting. But also you get a lot of back-links and traffic on your website.