People are mostly in rush than others part of the country in Downtown Port Louis. Because it’s a center of Places to see in Mauritius. Specifically the Breville’s Photo Museum a very unique places among many places to see in Mauritius. Also, the temperature is slightly on the hotter side too than other parts of Mauritius.

A piece of heaven!!!

However, It’s often you will see packed sidewalks, jammed subways & blocked narrow streets with all varieties of gatherings. Though the pedestrian pavement towards the Municipal Theater provides you space and peace to relax a bit.

Also, the historical 18th-century Building is nothing less than a museum of photographic equipment, collected since the 19th century. As it displays, one of the first photographic lens, bought by a Mauritian National from Paris between 1834-1839.
Hence, the lens was named on Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre the inventor of pictures out of silver-plated copper. Later, appointed with mercury pour and evaluated with chemicals.

Places to see in Mauritius –  Tourist rush daytime

By the way, A photographer was not even less than a magician in those old days and still, it’s the same. As a result, a seven years old boy Tristan Breville found highly hypnotized collecting the Daguerreotypes of old Mauritius.

Places to see in mauritius

A Daguerreotypes

However, the Daguerreotypes are collections of photography. Mainly the first ever captured in entire Africa by Jules Leger. And today, few of them are available in the Luis port museum. Also, he is the first who opened the first ever photo studio after he moved to South Africa in the year 1846.

Actually, these photos basically represent the era after the photographic revolution in France. So, the photography carries an era of Slavery culture of Mauritius ended in earlier past decades. Also, we can the photo of early telegraphs in this collection.

The antiques

Later, his Two son’s and his life-partner also started to take interest in photography. And they also became true successors of Breville. Today approximately, over 1000 of camera’s we can see by paying a visit to the museum.

After getting access inside the museum, the first thing that catches our eye is the fuel-powered huge projectors of the 1870’s. Basically the vanguard of the today’s LEDs and LCDs. However, the enormous size of the cameras was really built to capture Large images sounds funny today!! I But it was a practical thought for the people of19th century.

Though It seems none less than a hideout for a 21st-century kid. Because the vast wooden box topped by a rose carpet is used to block the entrance of light inside the portable studio. Only the rare collections are stored very carefully in blocked shelves. So, people cannot have enough access to touch them due to its long preservation. But other collections who are openly displayed is none less than 1000s in number.

So, you believe it or not. Approximately over One million, I repeat the museum consists of One million images.

“It’s the memory of our country, we worked to gift our country the most exceptional photographic archive.” – A local visitor about Breville


So, we can say that Breville clearly sets a benchmark for entire Africa and even for the world has to come. Also, the current organization exhibits on a regular basis and the museum is open for the entire world.

As Breville doesn’t want to leave his collections in the hands of unknown fate. So he desires the cooperation of Mauritius Government to conserve the pictures in the digital process. To ensure the safeguard of roots atmospheric perseverance is a something they must do.

Even though, he offered the Government of Mauritius to take over the entire project. And also come forward to finance to preserve the photographic glories. But had no responses yet till now!!!

Because People don’t give the damn care about the Mauritius history. Or they just don’t want to store the memory of French colonies. Though it is still a stumble for Breville family because there is nothing valueless inside the museum.

Tourism & luxury

As Mauritius only sees their development in tourism and luscious holiday spots rather natural Places to see in Mauritius.

In the past several years, Mauritius becomes a center of tourist attraction. And like many other places, the Hollywood played a vital role to fuel the entire project. By showing Mauritius as a paradise destination. Rather promoting the Places to see in Mauritius they love to promote Luxury Hotels. For meeting up the uprising demands of film industries people building huge studios to earn quick wages.

Places to see in mauritius

Luxury resort

But people like Joseph Manglaviti the famous Australian Photo artist moved to Mauritius. So people now have the chance to introduce themselves with a new word “The Photo Safari”. The story started off by an accident took place in Mauritius with the photographer himself. Later while he was recovering the idea came on his mind that there are maybe only a few of such places entire the world like Mauritius. A heaven to learn photography. Fortunately, the people responded well to the idea of Clique Photo Safari Mauritius. And it turns in to a big hit. Because from mountains to see or busy roads to a crowded market, there are thousands of objects to capture here. The wildlife, tradition and historic monuments are total packages of photographic boot camp for the learners, well for the experts too.

Manglaviti becomes an Avatar to such peoples who can afford expensive cameras. but unknown to the hidden talent of photography of themselves. Now peoples are getting hands-on expertise from him. And also the kind of people like Manglavati is an angel to such people like Breville family who wants to save museum like Louis Port.