An early morning Breakfast helps to boost your health and fitness milestones in a great extent. So we should focus on early breakfast with food consist health benefits. But we always do have an assumption that a healthy diet tastes yuck. Similarly there are lot of peoples whom also have objection about exercising on empty stomach. Because they need some fuel to initiate and cannot hit any exercise plan in empty stomach. As a result we tried to collect some healthy and yummy breakfast here in this article. So people can say good bye to hungry stomach without gaining any excess weight.

And now a days, it is not much difficult to understand the importance of Breakfast. Because of internet which is now promoting health and fitness goals in a great extent. As every physician, nutritionist & fitness trainer regularly maintaining blogs or social media pages to share their thought to build health awareness among people.

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Here is the list of healthy and yummy breakfast recipes for our readers. So, now you can start your day with more energy.

Healthy and yummy breakfast – Morning with a Hot Coffee

First on the list, the Butter Coffee is very famous for its Creamy Flavor. And also it can give consistent power supply to your organs.

healthy and yummy breakfast

Here following is the recipe to make Hot Coffee:

– Approx. 7-8 ounces of Coffee

– Two table spoon of Butter

– 2 pumps of Coconut MCT Oil

– Two scoop Collagen Peptides

Here we go remember to stir well before drink.

-Albert Matheny, dietitian

Healthy and yummy breakfast – Veggie Egg Omelet

Basically it is a salad consisting Egg Whites, Mushrooms, Spinach, Pepper and Avocado and Tomatoes (Grape). However this healthy breakfast can supply a 20 g protein boost from Egg whites with additional protein sources like Mushrooms and vegetables. Also you can keep your favorite salad aside along with omelet.

And being specific Veggie Egg White Omelet is a low sugar & calorie diet. Also helps people wants to burn their fat. As the Meal serves 235 calories, 20 grams Protein and 9 grams of Fiber. 

 –Jeanette Jenkins, Trainer

 Healthy and yummy breakfast – Toast with Banana, almond butter and honey

Although keeping fruits and nuts in breakfast menu can boost your workout sessions early in the morning. As fruit like Banana is a good source of iron & potassium. And Almonds are the key source of good fats & proteins and can supply extra energy to lift more or do more. Moreover on that the extra pasting of honey can make it juicy and delicious. And it’s also hard to describe the health benefits of honey on human body. All you need to just paste the honey on toast. Simply use the sliced Banana and crushed nuts as toppings. Now taste the bite!

 –David Kirsch, Celebrity trainer 

Healthy and yummy breakfast – Checklist

Here following is the list of foods (raw materials) which you should include in healthy breakfast list according to experts. And most important dieting is not about hungry stomach but the right food habit. So simply make a delicious breakfasts with following ingredients to fuel your body for early morning workout or office.

Simply include White of Eggs, Brown Rice/bread, Nuts, Green Avocado, more veggies like Mushrooms, Tomatoes etc.

Also include fruits like Banana, Green Apple and Watermelons etc.

Drinks like Coffee, Green tea etc. And the Coconut water the greatest liquid to dehydrate your body.

Finally our body acts like an engine. And foods are like engine oil. On the contrary, unfortunately we’re using the best engine oil for our vehicles but supplying junks to our body. So, change your habits today to be healthy and live stronger!!!