Jewelry has a common aspect of usage worldwide for years now. Whether it is a gold necklace or diamond ear rings, it commemorates the celebration of human being. Either it’s a wedding ring or precious gift for someone special. However, the valuables are deeply connected with human psychology and the modern jewelers have an intelligence over these aspects. Also the evidences are crystal clear. Because in the year of 2003 a group of archeologist found a cave which consist many evidences of jewelry like a 70000 year old rosary.Though Blombos cave discovery at the coast of Indian Ocean is not sufficient proof to the subject of first use of jewelry. Or not enough to justify the social status of the user’s. But still most of the experts do believe it can be a measure to classify the ancient society and their lifestyle. Though it’s hard to be specific about – who invented jewelry ?

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Who invented Jewelry? – Egyptian Jewelry

Among many other ancient society, Egyptian society left a footprint in the field of modern jewelry. At least the recent inventions of Pyramids on 19th century supports the argument. However according to experts the dynasty was the 18th dynasty of Tutankhamen (in between c. 1539 – c. 1292 BCE). Inside the pyramids the archaeologists found a tons of gold from the decorated grave yard of Pharaoh. And also the Cairo museum becomes the largest store of ancient gold.

who invented jewelry

From the coffin of Pharaoh to the surrounding of the chamber everything is decorated by goldsmiths of ancient Egypt. So, it’s clearly shows the social status of royals of ancient society. Also they found necklaces, pectorals, amulets earrings, pendants and diadems etc. from the tomb in a great numbers. Moreover the gold reflects the development of modern arts and advanced refining technologies inside that ancient Egyptian society. So, it is a clear evidence of use of gold before the ancient Egyptian era.

Who invented Jewelry? – Modern Era

By the time, we can see a dramatic change in use of jewelry. First of all, diamonds and other metals such as platinum or the white gold are now widely used inside the jewelry industry. Instead of heavy metal or heavy jewelry itself people prefers to carry light weight armaments. With the time the industry shifted targeting woman as their prime customers. Moreover today jewelry is no more than matter of fashion and social status. Earlier jewelry was  an aspect currency and wealth in ancient era.

Finally we can say that jewelry becomes an integral part of our society and civilization. At least over 100000 years of history in decoration supports the arguments. Moreover up to today it is about 6000 years we’re being part of gold refining industry.

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