If a you’re new in town or local of Lake-shore or Belle riverside in Essex countryside and planning to do a family night or parties in an affordable price here is your guild line to follow. It’s absolutely true that we justify any restaurant considering the environment. But we also guarantee the best food too because ultimately you pay for your hungry tummy. Here we go with top 3 Belle view restaurant !!

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Top 3 restaurants deserve to pay a visit in Lake-shore, Ontario, Canada

Belle view restaurant – Vangs Restaurant

Vangs Restaurant @ 25 Amy Croft Drive, Lake-shore, Ontario, Canada. Among all other few foods around the world “Chinese” is one of the most common food type which enters in every food culture. So the Canada is also in the same list.  If you are a Chinese lover you’re going to absolutely love the place, it serves such a unique authentic flavor and hot fresh foods around Lake-shore. Signatures foods, you must try are Pho soup, Rice paper rolls and curries among different varieties on Thais. The environment is very friendly rather than professional and waiters are well mannered. All the restaurant has a good environment and very clean indeed.

But go only if you have enough time to spend with family or friends.Also all foods are fresh and well cooked. After placing an order they’ll take approximately 20-25 minutes to serve. Mostly Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese food supplied and one of the best in Essex country with an incredible convenient price.

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Belle view restaurant –  Casa Mia Ristorante

Casa Mia Ristorante@ 523 Notre Dame, Belle River, Lake-shore, Ontario, Canada. A hidden gem, quality rustic Italian food served in warm environment and a quality place for European food lovers. Along with other varieties must try their specialized slow roasted pasta with Basil/Tomato soup or pepper appetizers. Also award-winning dishes such as Bolognese or Godfather Sandwich. The environment is very appealing with the absolutely luscious foods and over all services are wonderful and professional. Every Italian will love this place and service such takeout, outdoor seating and infant access are provided. It serves alcohol and perfect for occasional dinning with family and kids. A new inclusion to Belle riverside. Alike of other modern restaurants serving Vegetarian and Gluten free foods.
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Belle view restaurant – Outfield Diner

Outfield Diner@601 Center St, Belle River, Lake-shore, Ontario, Canada . Next Outfield Diner is hosted by a local Canadian and a heaven of homemade food lovers. However it has an environment that is rather home instead of being commercial restaurants. The restaurant is highly appreciated for their delicious breakfast.

By the way they are also open for Lunch and Dinner. Hence provides professional service, tasty and affordable breakfast such as eggs are well cooked. Also the pea meal bacon or the sausage are luscious and special in their entire Menu. Most unique fact is their surprise menu card. For example on the menu card the names of foods are different in every few days. Absolutely delicious authentic Canadian foods are served in Lunch and Dinner such as on Friday’s Fish menu includes Halibut, Haddock and Perch etc. or a signature food like Hercules pizza in Canadian style with Tzatziki sauce, gyro, onions, green olives, tomatoes and feta. The catering served different dishes made of

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