Sri Aurobindo Ghosh was a philosopher. And he was born in the year of 1872 on 15th August in India. Generally he is known as a poet, philosopher, yogi, guru, Maharishi and for his contribution as a Nationalist. Hence, one of his remarkable contribution is the freedom movement against the British Government. Also he is one of the most influential leader during the Indian movement of Independence. Later he became a spiritual leader and serve human being to reach spiritual goals through his vision and thoughts.

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Earlier stage of life

Most interestingly Aurbindo completed his studies in Indian Civil Service from the King’s College situated Cambridge,

sri aurobindoEngland. Later he got back in India and served the King of Baroda which was a Princely state as a Civil service holder. While working he got involved in nationalist politics. Later he joined the revolutionary movement of Bengal. Due to his company’s occupancy with few bomb outrages resulted arrest. Also British Government charged him for betrayal with the company. Because of his numerous articles on British rule in India.

Later he was found as an innocent because of shortage of proper evidence. Especially the murder of prosecution witness left the case with no clue for any further progress.  While his stay in jail, he found some spiritual connections by surprise. Later he moved to Pandicherry and left the field of politics due to his spiritual attachments.

His conversion in to Spiritual leader

At the time of his stay in Pondicherry he developed a new technique to practice spirituality. Later it was named as Integral yoga. However, he preach to develop the divine life of human being and he took it as a theme of his vision. As per his spiritual conception, a human being can lead divine life in earth by transforming his nature. In next stage of his life he founded an organization (Mirra Alfassa means “The Mother”) with help of his companions in 1926. Also he was founder of an ashram in his name Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

His works

Among his most significant works, The Life Devine is one of them. Mostly it deals with the theoretical parts of the art of Integral Yoga and Synthesis of Yoga. Basically it is the practical guidance of Integral Yoga. One of his most significant work is the poem Savitri is a legend and also introduced an epic style in poem. Also he wrote his commentary in Vedas, Upanishads and spiritual books like Bhagavad Gita etc. However his comments on poetry, philosophy and also the translation works has significance till to date.

His understandings

Firstly the books Synthesis of Yoga and The life Divine are the manual of his concepts of spirituality and the idea of Integral Yoga system. And the book The Life Devine published by maintaining serial in Arya.

Also he presents argument about divine Barhman who reveals as experimental truth through “lila”(the divine play). And our life in earth is a Maya (illusion). Later he mentioned that the world is capable to evolve into a new world with different sets of species. As he descried not only the human species but also some new species. Similarly human evolved from animal species.

Also Sri Aurobindo strongly believed that Darwinism is nothing but simply describes the evolution of matter in to life. But he did not make any statement behind the thought and found life already present in matter. Because his thought on existence is nothing but experiments of divine Brahman. Also he explained the nature as divine. And the divine himself evolved and brought life out of matter. Next the mind evolved out of life. According him, the all species are result of experiments of the super mind. Also every evolution has own reasons.  Next he deeply researched and found the nature of reality as steep in terms of understanding. So, it is not possible to describe the concept in a statement on basis knowable results.

Influences & followers

The words of Sri Aurobindo spreads like fire. Also both people of India and outside of India found his words authentic.  Such as in India, S. K. Maitra, Anilbaran Roy and D. P. Chattopadhyaya were follow his writings and commented too. Likewise foreign writers about mystery and traditions found Aurobindo authentic in terms of Indian tradition of spirituality.

sri aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo Ghosh ashram, Delhi

Also Haridas Chaudhuri and Frederic Spiegelberg followed same path and founded the American Academy of Asian studies in San Francisco. Later on Chaudhuri and his wife Bina founded the “Cultural Integration Fellowship” an institute which later merged with California Institute of Integral Studies.

Also people like Karlheinz Stockhausen read the book of Sri Aurobindo in between May 1968. Other people like William Irwin Thompson met with The Mother in 1972. As he described, he found the Shakti (Energy) was getting transferred in to his body on the night of death of her mother in 1973. Also author like Michael Murphy felt influences from Aurobindo’s idea. Later he also indirectly influenced many peoples about the evolution. Finally the American philosopher Ken Wilber named Aurobindo as “India’s greatest modern philosopher sage”.Though some people like Rod Hemsell criticized Ken Wilber on Aurobindo fact. But still modern writers Andrew Harvey found himself as follower of Sri Aurobindo.


Most significantly he was one of the Indian Bengali to achieve the novel prize for Peace on 1950. Also earlier in 1943 he was nominated for Novel prize in Literature for his contribution.