Undoubtedly Saree is the one of the best fashion wear among women widely used around the world. Though the roots of this particular formal and ancient clothing belong to India. And used widely among Indian women’s since the era of Mahabharat & Ramayan. So, Indian Sarees do consist of some religious values to Indians around the world. However, Indian Sarees are one of the most versatile women’s wear and used regardless of any occasions, religions, and seasons around different culture & ethnicity.

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Author – Mehedi Hossain Chowdhury  

indian sarees

A tradition being followed since Ancient India – An Indian Goddess wearing Saree

Types of Indian Sarees

Here following is the list of varieties of Indian Sarees today & their fabric compositions:

Indian Sarees – Banarasi

Among all Indian Sarees, Banarasi silk is a reflection of glamour and porch by nature. Because during the period of ancient India, these Sarees are specially made for the Royals. By using threads of Gold and Silvers. Also, this particular Indian Sarees can manage to reach the stage of Artistry. And as per historians, in the ancient period, a group of workers takes up to a year to do with single Saree for Queen. Specifically, the contexts, color varieties, and sheens make it popular among women as party wear.

Use: Hence these Indian Sarees are also crafted in Vanarasi and embroidered all over the body. So they are most popular at weddings and so the Indian Brides. Also a perfect choice for Royal parties, special events or occasions.

indian sarees

Sarees are considered as one of the greatest Bridal wear in the entire world

Indian Sarees – Chikankari

Similar of Banarasi Chikankari is pride Nawab state Lucknow. Also holds the Royal value among users. However, as we said Royal because of the use of Muslin. As the Muslin (finest cotton) is widely used since the Mughal Empire. And also carries the value of Muslim culture for its simplicity.

Use: Similar to Banarasi use Chinkankari in special events and occasions like Eid, Diwali, Formal meetings etc. Also for light weight and fine fabrics, it’s perfect for Daytime use under Sun. Be cool while being gorgeous!!!

Indian Sarees – Chanderi

In our top list, next is Chanderi Silk Sarees. These Indian Sarees rather holds the traditional values of India and comes straight from the heart of India Madhya Pradesh. In general, these Sarees are made of tissue silk and widely known for Luxurious looks. A specialty of these  Sarees is their color, style & pattern. For example, in every other Saree, you’ll find an image of the rich traditions of India. For example, coins, peacocks, geometrics and floral etc.

Use: A great pick for cultural or traditional festivals. Also looks great with matching jewelry and definitely increase the natural beauty of women.

Indian Sarees – Kanjeevaram

Next is my top favorite and also many other Indian women are the kanjeeveram from South India. In a word, Kanjeevaram is a great choice as an Indian Bridal wear among all other Indian Sarees. Though is a Kanchipuram special and holds the tradition of South. Unless of that fact, these Indian Sarees earned great respect for its special texture. Including fine quality, rich color variant, sophistication and awesome porch look. Different to any other Indian Sarees the Kanjeevaram maintains a special pattern for borders mainly temples.
As we said earlier, a perfect wedding wear for both day and night use.

Indian Sarees – Others

1. Kasavu – Specialty is a thick golden border (both real and artificial gold thread used). Also carries Traditional Karela look means Dhoti and Blouse which turned across the blouse and a stole. In a word texture, color and design carry the modern look. Formal and casual use.

2. Assam Silk – Simply easy to tackle Indian Sarees among others. Definitely a good pick for long time use. These Sarees consists of the vehement thread include sophisticated weaving of golden Muga Silk. In a word, a classic well maintained Saree with extreme quality. These Sarees are perfect for the low light parties. Or any cultural events. And also these Sarees are very colorful by nature. So, simply a great night party wear!!

Finally, there are other Indian Sarees who have collected fame for their quality. They are Bhagalpuri Silk, Baluchari Silk, Sambalpuri, Patola, Paithani, and Pochampalli etc. Above all recommendation before buying any of them touch it physically and choose your color by yourself. As long as you’re the one will carry the Saree along with you. So, this festival glow with the best Indian Sarees.