CPA means Certified Public Accountant it is very important in the global accountancy profession. Now, in the modern era, online learning is getting popular. Such as CPA online learning. And for the same reason, it is possible for job holders to continue with their studies. Therefore, many institutes provide certified online courses like CPA. So we made a list of best institutes you should look for to enroll for the next CPA online learning course. For more such articles visit our blog.

To keep CPA license intact people should obtain further education to keep their license intact. CPA program ensures that you can deal with any problem regarding accounting and business situations. CPA program provides you with the more technical accounting focus. And takes you to new heights of strategy and business. Therefore with the help of the internet, it is easy to learn CPA.

Hence people who are facing difficulty can take advantage of online courses. Also, it provides you knowledge with low cost or sometimes no cost at all. You can access education in any place you want. Reducing the fact that you need to shift to new place moving away from your family. To a new country away from friends and business too. Nowadays online courses are the solution to all these problems. Although you can learn whatever you feel like for the cause of your job or some extra knowledge. Therefore these schools give you a chance to pursue your dream with ease.

Source 01: CPA Online Learning – Pennsylvania State University World Campus

cpa online learning

On top of the list, the Pennsylvania State University is one of the best universities in the world. As Penn State World Campus is an online university and provides in different subjects. For example,

• CPA or Certified Chartered Accountant course
• CMA or Certified Management Accountant
• CIA or Certified Internal Auditor
• CFE or Certified Fraud Examiner
• CGMA or Chartered Global Management Accountant

However, Penn State ensures that the students can develop work-related skills through their online courses. On topics like business strategy, business law, finance, marketing and supply chain management. So, the students need to complete 150-credit hours of education. To complete their Bachelor’s degree in the accounting profession.

So, if you are a CPA candidate and you want to qualify for the CPA certificate. Later you also need to pass the Uniform CPA Examination. Penn State gives you the option to choose from over 150 degrees and certificates. By using new technologies the people who were not able to attend classes on campus or commit to full-time enrolment can now study online. Adults are now earning their degrees online.

The online classes don’t have any specific time so you can complete your degree at your own pace. You can take as much time as you want. By being an online student you can get to know people from different backgrounds. Therefore using video conferencing, phone calls, email, social media, and more you will be in touch with the other students and the faculty.

Source 02: CPA Online Learning – University of Alabama

cpa online learning

Second is the University of Alabama in Birmingham. As they serve a variety of traditional and nontraditional learning formats. The UA Birmingham is very popular for its online programs. Also, the Collat School of Business at UA Birmingham provides an online accounting degree. And the degree comes with the solid foundation on accounting and business knowledge. Especially they focus on leadership and entrepreneurship. Finally, their program prepares students for the following:

• CPA or Certified Chartered Accountant course
• CMA or Certified Management Accountant
• CIA or Certified Internal Auditor
• CFE or Certified Fraud Examiner

Hence, both the online program and the campus students enjoy the same faculties. Therefore, to complete an entire accounting degree program takes about four years. Also, the UA Birmingham also allows students to transfer credits.
Thus, the university is taking over 95% of the courses both on campus and online too. So the students can register in their desirable way.
The online Bachelor Degrees are open right now, are followings:

• BS Accounting
• BS in Community Health and Human Services (CHHS) with a Concentration in Human Services
• Criminal Justice BS
• Finance BS
• Health Care Management BS
• Human Resource Management BS
• BS Industrial Distribution
• Information Systems BS
• BS Management
• Marketing BS
• BS Psychology
• Registered Nurse to BSN Pathway

Source 03: CPA Online Learning – Clarion University of Pennsylvania

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Next is the Clarion University of Pennsylvania. Though the university belongs in a rural area of the city. But they still manage to provide high-quality academic programs by providing online programs. As a result, their undergraduate and business programs featuring quality in the field of Commerce. Here following are the courses they have included till now.

• Management Theory and Practice
• Principles of Marketing
• Financial Accounting
• Managerial Accounting
• Economics and Business Statistics

Hence the Clarion University has a very good internship program. As a result, they are creating great opportunities for the students to gain working experience. On the other hand, Clarion also offers an additional CPA online learning certificate program.
Also, each staff and faculty in Clarion treats every student according to their talent. Regularly they hold study sessions and online chat rooms before tests. So that they can achieve a good result. To maintain the quality the university does not take a graduate assistant as a professor. Hence the students can learn from the best instructors.

Source 04: CPA Online Learning – Colorado Technical University

cpa online learning

In our 4th position, The Colorado Technical University which is serving students since 1965. It is running successfully in Colorado Springs with great achievements holding with the name. Today, the university has earned fame for its online Bachelor’s programs. Also, the Colorado University provides online education in Bachelors of Science in Accounting. And provides opportunities to earn the certificate for becoming a certified public accountant (CPA). Or subjects like certified management accountant (CMA).They are offering the following courses:

• Government and Not-for-Profit Accounting
• Global Managerial Economics
• Financial Statement Analysis
• Auditing Lab

To get success in the business world this courses will help you to increase your communication skills. So the talent and the personality. In case you’re sitting for CPA or CMA exam. Then simply join their online classes for preparations.
Also, the university has a suitable course module for the employees. So, with the online undergraduate program earn a degree in the same time earning wages. Simply you need an internet connection. So you can attend classes, take tests and even interact with your classmates. By attending this online programs reveal your maximum potentials.

Source 05: CPA Online Learning – University of Minnesota

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Next is our Fantastic 5, the Crookston in Northern Minnesota. The Minnesota Crookston University is one of five campuses in the University of Minnesota System. Generally, the university teaches technology. And one of the best in providing online undergraduate degrees.

Next, the Business Department at UM-Crookston prepares student online for a better career in accounting. And they help students to gain the basics of serving their future clients and firms. Just making different financial reports. Some of the students from here have already started their career in various fields. Such as Financial Analysis, Public Accounting, Management Accounting, Banking, Taxation, or Finance etc. Here following are the courses the university offers:

•Accounting Systems
•Auditing I
•Income Tax I
•Managerial Finance
•Business Ethics

Generally, the university offers two semesters in a single year. One is fall – starts from 12th of August. Another one is spring – starts from 23 December every year. Hence the students can also seat for certified programs such as Certified Public Accountant – CPA online learning. Also, they offer courses such as Certified Management Accountant (CMA) or Certified Internal Auditor (CIA).

Source 06: CPA Online Learning – Missouri Southern State University

cpa online learing

The second last is the Missouri Southern State University. Since they started operation in 1937, it is famous for the natural surroundings. Especially the Ozark Mountains Missouri. Hence the university is offering over 200 academic programs. And they earned fame for their robust online programs too. Therefore the Plaster School of Business offers a wide range of both minors and majors in the undergraduate business studies program.

Next, the Plaster School of business also provides online ACBSP. Simply means, accredited Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Accounting. And they also teach the skills necessary to become a good professional accountant. Simply by focusing on financial accounting, analyzing and evaluating activities. The courses are the following:

•Accounting Information Systems
•Cost Accounting
•Principles of Financial Accounting
•Principles of Managerial Accounting

Hence the online program also covers international issues. Along with the core classes in technology and communication. Also, they help people to attain certified courses like CPA or other professional certificates. As we know, CPA online learning is common nowadays. So, MSSU has expanded their tuition in Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and many counties in Illinois.

Source 07: CPA Online Learning – Champlain College

cpa online learning

The Champlain College is serving since 1878 in Burlington, Vermont. It is famous for the Lake Champlain and carries the name too along with. Since the College came into action it attracted many career-focused students.
Today, the school has reached a great height because of online undergraduate programs. Also, it becomes a common name among the nationals. Hence the college serves to train students for certification programs like CPA online learning.
Finally, the Champlain College also offers an online Bachelor of Science program. Here they contain the following programs:

•Accounting skills
•Legal skills & business/tax law,
•Financial intelligence
•Risk analysis
•Information technology

Though, mostly the college is famous for the students who are employees. Also, they have regular students too who takes the degree from this college. Generally, The courses are 7 weeks long. By completing the course you will achieve the following 3 certificates:

  • The Accounting Certificate
  • Advanced Accounting Certificate
  • Cost Accounting Certificate

Most important, the university allows students to transfer their credits from reputed schools. Education is very important in today’s world. Therefore even if you have a busy schedule and can’t afford live classes. In that case, you can learn and gain certificate through online courses from many such of these online universities.