Without leaving your family and professional duty you can earn a degree online from online degree programs. Due to lack of budget or course shortages, students need to look for alternatives. Therefore online degree programs are the best solution for this people. In fact, there are many students who have already enrolled themselves in online programs. For more knowledge and to achieve more certificates. Online education has become one of the most popular higher education alternatives. Such as it has expanded in a huge manner.

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In spite of that, there are some disadvantages too in online learning. For example – it requires self-discipline as if you are not disciplined it can take a longer time to complete the online course. If the teacher is physically present in front of you it is easier for the student to understand. Some classmates can actually help you in understanding the topics. Also, they can help you with your assignments. So studying online means you have no one to rely on. And you have to do everything alone.

Advantages – Earn a degree online

 Various Online Programs – The students can look for any program they want and they are likely to get it. From any major of Accounting or Science.

 Low Cost – The tuition fee for a 4-year program in a university is higher than any online program. Thus if you go for online education it can be within your budget who are facing money problems. Hence it is possible that not all online programs are cheap so you have to look for it patiently. Whereas some programs are of no cost at all.

Can study in a comfortable environment – If you don’t like to wake up early and go to college or university. Or find it difficult to manage time between your work and study. Then you can definitely look for a way to how to earn a degree online. For example, can be wearing your night dress or be in your shorts just to attend your online classes.

And you can also choose your location from where you want to study. It can be your workplace, home or etc as there are no physical class sessions. Via the means of the internet, the lectures and course materials are sent. Students no longer need to worry about the traffics. While going to college or university or leave for work early to attend class, or miss any family gatherings.

Earn Degree Online – Flexibility

Flexible – All the materials for the necessary courses are provided online. Which helps the students to plan their own study time and not bound to any mandatory class. They can study early in the morning, in the afternoon after their work is finished or late at night before going to sleep. All of this can help a student to balance their educational life and other activities too. For example – professional life, giving time to their families or hang out with friends.

Can concentrate more – Many students have said that online courses are more easy to concentrate on rather than attending physical class sessions. As they are not distracted by other students or be exhausted and attend class at the same time. Due to workload or a night out with friends.

Bright future – The more educated a person is he or she is more likely to have a brighter future. As a result is only possible if he or she has worthy degrees. Which they can earn even while working full time.

Source 01: Earn a degree online – UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT ARLINGTON

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The University is leading our list to Earn a Degree online. As according to The Chronicle of Higher Education the UTA is the one of the fastest growing public research university around Texas. Moreover, the Carnegie certifies the UTA among in top 115 doctoral research universities in terms of Highest Research Activity (R-1) institution. According to recent statistics, the university is serving 55k students around the world. And there are offering courses which are in total 180 including bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees etc.

Following are the certification they’re offering online under distance education programs:

  • Bachelors of Public Affairs
  • Master of Public Administration
  • MBA in different Majors
  • Bachelors, Masters, Registered, Doctoral in Nursing
  • Master’s of Education in different Majors

Definitely a leader in distance education program. Also, UTA has both national and international recognition for the online courses offerings.

Source 02: Earn a degree online – University of Florida Distance Learning



earn a degree online

It is situated at Gainesville, Florida which has over 150 research centers and institutes. It was established in 1853 and is ranked among the top universities in the United States now. Firstly it offers over 300 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. And it also contains some international degree programs too. Their courses include :

  • Environmental management in agriculture and natural resources
  • Health education
  • Biology
  • Entomology
  • Industrial and systems engineering
  • Latin
  • Audiology
  • Philosophy
  • Nursing practice
  • Pharmacy

University of Florida Distance Learning students also have access to the online course management system, library resources, and career services.

Source 03: Earn a degree online – University of Massachusetts (UMass Online)

earn a degree online

The University of Massachusetts(UMass) is established in 1863, which has five campuses and 71000 students in total. UMass Online has a variety of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs. It has over forty bachelor’s degree programs. UMass Online also has forty online master’s degree program in topics such as :

  • Gerontology
  • Security Studies
  • Criminal justice
  • Four doctoral programs
  • and many more

Hence the online students receive the same degree. And learn from the same faculty which is provided for physical class sessions. They can also attend the same graduation ceremony. Moreover, they have access to library help, fellowship advising, and academic counseling. In addition, it has a graduation rate of about 65.1%.

Source 04: Earn a degree online – Boston University

earn a degree online

Boston University was established in 1839, it has 18 colleges and schools where 33000 students are enrolled. It is a nonprofit university. Boston Universities online school provide many undergraduate degrees and eighteen online degrees for masters. Some of them are :

  • Liberal Arts & Humanities
  • Business & Management
  • Computers & Technology
  • Criminal Justice & Legal
  • Nursing & Healthcare
  • Education & Teaching

Notably, they also offer a lot of online certificate programs. And the students of Boston University also have full access to library resources, career services, and tutoring. To join their programs you need to have SAT or ACT certificates.

Source 05: Earn a degree online- Northeastern University

earn a degree online

Northeastern University was established in 1898. It is also a nonprofit university which has an acceptance rate of 28%. Northeastern has over 60 online degrees program. Firstly bachelor’s degree such as English, finance and political science. Secondly, for the master’s degree, their program include project management, respiratory care, homeland security doctoral degrees in education. And they also have 20 online certificate programs.

Online Degrees of Northeastern University :

  • Business & Management
  • Computers & Technology
  • Criminal Justice & Legal
  • Nursing & Healthcare
  • Psychology & Counseling
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Education & Teaching
  • Vocational

Source 06: Earn a degree online – Indiana University (IU Online)

earn a degree online

Located at Bloomington, Indiana founded in 1820. Provided that it has nine campuses and two centers where over 110,000 students are enrolled. In fact have over 100 online classes, online degrees, and academic certificates.

IU online has over 24 online master degree program. Starting with strategic management, social work, data science and etc. The students of IU Online has full access to libraries and technology resources. Additionally falls in the region of Great Lakes and has an acceptance rate of about 78%. And the graduation rate of about 74.9%.

Source 07: Earn a degree online – Arizona State University (ASU)

Earn a degree online

A public research university Arizona State University (ASU) is founded in 1885. And it is the largest public university in terms of enrolment. For business Incubation, Arizona State University is one of the top universities.

Including bachelor’s, masters and doctoral program they have over 140 online program degrees. And many more online certificate programs. In fact, a bachelor’s degree contains subjects like art history, business, film, and justice studies. Likewise, legal studies, nutrition, English, electrical engineering, and more are included in the master’s degree program.

ASU online has six start dates in a year. As a matter of fact, online students can complete their courses any time they want. They don’t need to fix a schedule to do their classes.

Source 08: Earn a degree online – The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

earn a degree online

The University of Minnesota enrolls more than 51,000 students, which is situated in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Moreover, they provide more than 300 graduate and undergraduate degree programs.

The University of Minnesota also has many online degrees. Of course, the students can complete their full program online or in some online programs on campus visit are required. Also, the university contains bachelor’s degree such as health manufacturing management, entrepreneurship, and communication.

Master’s degree includes –

  • Tribal Administrations
  • Governance
  • Computer Science
  • Maternal and Child Health

Source 09: Earn a degree online – University of Arizona

earn a degree online

Situated at Tucson, Arizona was founded in 1885. UA has over 330 programs for graduate, undergraduate, and professional degrees. UA online has 80 online degree programs. First bachelor’s degree from Africana studies to communication. Second master’s degree including courses like –

  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Technology
  • Mining
  • Geological
  • Geophysical engineering
  • Library and information science

Students can go through their course online. Hence they can earn their degree fully from online. Therefore they have an acceptance rate of about 76% and 60.8% graduation rate.