If you’re an active person or camp freak and planning for an overnight trek or camping, this article is exactly worth you. As a regular camper, you should aware of the fact of discomfort in an overnight camp. If you’re new into such activities, I can guarantee you’re going to miss hauling your TV, laptop, kettle, AC, or favorite teddy bear etc. Though it’ll add some great memories of staying in a tent in nature. In such case, a large thermos flask can be a lifesaver for if you’re trekking with family or friends. So, here we’ll discuss the advantages of carrying a thermos flask while camping, the basic differences among Thermoflask vs Hydro flask and thermos flask accessories etc.

We physically tested some great Thermos or Hydro Flask.

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thermosflask vs hydro flask

Images of Thermos Flask in Camping!!

So, a cup of hot water or Coffee all you want to grab in a chilled night. On the hand, a nice cold drink boost you’re energy in the daytime while trekking. So, keeping your drinks desired temperature is a bit of a problem as you don’t have a fridge or microwave in nature.

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However, this review will help you to achieve a quick idea about Thermoflask vs Hydro flask and their accessories. So, it’ll become easy for you to pick the right product for you according to the needs to keep things hot or cold. I think it’s time to dive into the topic and find out how to figure out the best Thermos or Hydro flask in the market.

Why I do need a Thermo or Hydro Flask?

If you’re a newbie in trekking or camping activities it’s very natural to ask such questions. As you’ve no experience of an overnight stay in woods or hills.  So, imagine a cold night in a tent and freezing cold touching your bones. If you’re already in your starting to dream off, I am sure you’re seeing burning woods, winter jackets, socks, tent, and images of thermos flasks are playing in your mind. Right at this moment, you need a cup of coffee or lukewarm water to get warm from inside.

thermoflask vs hydro flask

How to keep liquid warm? – Imagining of thermos Flask or carry one!!!

For the same reason, you need to a carry a Thermo or Hydro flask to store your favorite drink. For staying most of the time inside your tent to avoid the bone-chilling winds.

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There are several other medical benefits such as you’re in a medical condition such as a cough. Or you’re into a weight loss plan, “Do you know drinking lukewarm water helps to reduce fat?”. On the other hand, on a sunny day, a cold drink can boost your energy while cycling or trekking.

Thermoflask vs Hydro flask – Definition

thermo flask diagram

Thermo flask diagram!!!

Before we move forward into ThermoFlask vs Hydro flask, let’s go through some definitions and similarities between them.

Thermo flask: Thermo flask is a bottle to keep any liquid in a longer period of time. Approximately a drop of 8 degrees Fahrenheit in 24 hours. Generally, the inner material is an insulator wall and a layer of vacuum. Simply it helps the flask to prevent heat loss due to convection. Furthermore, the polished out layer prevents heat to escape through radiation. By reflecting back heat inside the flask.

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Hydro type Thermo flask diagram!!!

Hydro flask: is upgraded version of Thermo flask. According to manufactures, Hydro flask can keep cold liquids about 24 hours. On the other hand, it can keep hot drinks warm up to 12 hours. Furthermore, it has a double wall vacuum insulation. Also, food-grade stainless steel body which keeps the temperature steady. We’ll go through some test physical test between Thermoflaskvs Hydro flask and found some interesting data. Later under the heading Thermoflaskvs Hydro flask, we’ll discuss in details.

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Thermoflask vs Hydro Flask  – Similarities

Now before going to any further on Thermoflask vs Hydro Flask, we’ll figure out the similarities among them.

  • Both use Food Grade Stainless Steel.
  • Next according to manufacturers both of them keeps cold for 24 hours.
  • On the other hand, keep hot things warm up to 12 hours approximately.
  • Available in wide range of sizes from 12 up to 64 ounces.
  • The extreme range of design, color, accessories & sizes etc.

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Thermoflask vs Hydro Flask – Price

On the price factor – Thermo flask is half of a Hydro Flask. Or you can a big thermos flask in the price of a medium or small size Hydro Flask. But if you consider the quality over price both of them are almost similar build quality or the quality margin is half like similar to the price factor. However, this is quite a difference for almost the same quality of manufacturing. So, people with a low budget might always consider Thermo Flask over a Hydro one.

Thermoflask vs Hydro Flask – Insulation

To prove the insulation quality, we’ve gone through over many physical tests between Thermoflask vs Hydro Flask. As considering the price we thought the Hydro Flask will win the race in a great margin. But the Thermo Flask test proved us completely wrong. Even we’re completely shocked after seeing the results. In the initial stage, we thought the price difference will come out due to insulation quality of the Flask. But we’re totally wrong!!!

Ice Test: For this test, we brought some Ice cubes and then filled them into the water of 40-degree Fahrenheit inside both of the flask. Next, we left the water in room temperature in our kitchen for almost 24 hours. On the next day, we opened up the Both Hydro and Thermos Flask head. The result was shocking both of them showed a temperature increase of 8 degrees Fahrenheit. So, our ice test is quite a tie.

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Heat test: Ice Test: For this test, we filled our both Flasks the water of 150-degree Fahrenheit. Again, we left the water in room temperature in our kitchen for almost 12 hours. Similarly, on the next day, we opened up the Both Hydro and Thermos Flask head. Finally, this time we found some real differences in terms of insulation. SO, the Hydro flask showed 98 degrees. On the other hand, the Thermo Flask showed 95 degrees in Fahrenheit scale. So, it is clearly visible that Thermo Flask loses 3 degrees Fahrenheit than Hydro Flask almost in halftime of Ice test.

As a result, we can say that though the Ice test was a tie. But the heat test gives us a noticeable result that proves the insulation quality differences in between ThermoFlask vs Hydro Flask. So, the Hydro Flask can hold more than Thermo Flask.

Thermoflask vs Hydro Flask – Durability

Today most the Thermo & Hydro Flask are made of the Stainless Steel. And the quality is a matter of manufacturing. In our case, we’ve seen that most of them are non-defective and ensures good quality material. Although within the time the Flasks might pick some dents, scratches, and dings etc. So, all we can say that both the Thermo and Hydro Flasks come with the same standards of ruggedness. As we generally expect from the SS bottles.

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As we tried many things like heat, hammer, and drop etc and found no significant difference to mention about the durability. So, we can say that it’s a friendly tie between Thermoflask vs Hydro Flask in terms of durability.

Thermoflask vs Hydro Flask – Accessories

Though there is a wide range of colors, sizes and thermos flask accessories are available in the market. Still, in terms of accessories and diversity, the Hydro Flasks are light year ahead. Now, these days even you can customize your Hydro Flasks easily. Unlike the thermos flask accessories, Hydro flask accessories can be replaced. For example, you can give your existing Hydro Flask with a new look by replacing lids, handles, bottle holders and many more. On the same note, the thermos flask accessories are somewhat old-fashioned in terms of design. For example, a large thermos flask looks like a round pillar in contrast with a smart looking Hydro Flask. Nowadays, Hydro flasks come with LED display so people can see the temperature change of their favorite drinks inside the Flask.

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Though the Thermos Flask is solid and strong. But thermos flask accessories are less variant in comparison with a Smart Hydro Flask. Even we can say that Hydro Flasks are light years ahead!!!

Thermoflask vs Hydro Flask – Winner

We’re almost at the end of our debate on Thermoflask vs Hydro Flask. Considering price tag of Thermo Flask against Hydro Flask advanced design and capacity to hold heat we are very close to calling it a tie. But unfortunately, our vote goes to the Hydro Flask. The main reason behind such a decision comes due to the varieties of designs, accessories, color, and sizes etc. On the same note, the Hydro Flask can trap heat better than a Thermos Flask though in a little margin. But we’ve accepted that in close games fractions also counts.

Also, the Thermos Flask accessories are less appealing than a Hydro Flask. But ensures almost the same performance as Hydro Flask. So, if you really don’t care about advanced features and variations of Hydro Flask but performance and budget. The Thermos Flasks are the product you should go for right now.

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