Just before buying a large Thermos Flask or Hydro Flask we’d like to request to read our previous article about Thermos Flask vs Hydro Flask to learn about the basic differences of these two flasks.

Here we’d like to introduce some great Thermos and Hydro Flasks in the Market. As we’re clear about the concept of the ThermoFlask vs Hydro Flask concept. So, depending on our budget and requirements from the following we can pick anyone which suits us. All of the products are physically tested by us!!

1. Drinkware: 32oz/40oz Hydro Flask

Our first product is Drinkware branded double wall vacuum insulated Stainless Steel water bottle. Furthermore, the high-end Hydro Flask can keep things cool up to 24 hours. On the other hand, the Flask can store heat for up to 6 hours. Next, the premium quality 18/8 food grade quality steel and BPA free sporty looks attract your attention. Simply the colorful powder finished matte wall ensures no sweating at all.

images of thermos flask

images of Hydro Flask by Drinkware

Buy now Drinkware Hydro Flask in exciting price!!!

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2. LEIDFOR: 530 ml capacity Thermos Flask

Next is a Thermal Flask comes with latest features like LED temperature display. Moreover, this is large thermos flask with the capacity of 530 mL liquids. On the same note, the Flask is 100% BPA free and ensure leak-proof guarantee. According to our physical experience, it can hold the temperature up to 12-24 hours. Simply easy to clean and very attractive durable stainless steel attracts anybody’s attraction!!!

Images of Thermos Flask

Images of Thermos Flask – smart product by LEIDFOR!!

Buy Hydro Flask now at the cheapest price!! This product comes with advanced LED temperature display. Now enjoy the control.

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3. PAWACA: 500 ml capacity Thermos Flask

Next is a product from PAWACA. The beautiful Flask is made of food-grade stainless less along with PP. Moreover, the big large thermos flask can hold up to 500 ml of any type of liquid. Also includes smart features like touch buttons and two digits LED for showing temperature. Next, it has a 400mAh silicone battery which needs 5 volts to get charged. Finally, it can keep the drinks in the desired temperature up to 15 hours.

images of thermos flask

Images of Thermos Flask – smart product by PAWACA!!

AliExpress.com Product – 500ML Thermo Mug Stainless Steel Vacuum Flasks LED Temperature Display Insulation Coffee Tea Thermos Smart OLED Touch Car Cups

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4. HAERS: 1.1l capacity Big Thermos Flask

Images of Thermos Flask

Images of Thermos Flask by Haers!!!

Fourth product is 1.1L Thermos Flask by Haers. However, it’s solid stainless steel big Thermos Flask comes with ECO-FRIENDLY features. The product is lightweight 390z approximately and suits perfectly to carry on the outdoor family trip. Moreover, manufactures claims that the product can keep cool and hot up to 12-24 hours. Also, the Handgrip type design makes carrying easy.  Other features like 304 food grade stainless steel and vacuum technology with color variants make it one of the perfect product for camping.

Haers brand large Thermos Flask 1.1L. It’s a Stainless Steel Insulated Thermos Bottle. Perfect for large family outdoor activities.

For further inquiries on this 1.1L  Thermos Flask Accessories please contact with the seller using above link!!! 

5. HAERS: 1.2l,1.5l,1.8l capacity Big Thermos Flask

Again Haers though it’s very natural. Because it is one of the best brands in the industry. Specially Haers’s Thermos Flask with Silver metallic look reflects the thoroughness of this big Thermos Flask. The Flask comes in 3 different sizes 1200 ml, 1500 ml, 1800 ml. So, you can store your favorite drinks quite a long time up to 12 – 24 hours for a bunch of people. Likewise other Haers product it’s made of food grade steel can store liquids like soup or food too. Very ECO-FRIENDLY product with solid look features both vacuum and thermoses at the same time.

images of thermos flask

Images of thermos flask by Haers!!!

New Big Thermos Flask with the Capacity of 1200ml to 1800 ml. The vacuum bottle, food grade Stainless Steel Thermos Flask makes it unique and perfect for family trips.

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6. UEINSANG: 1.2l,1.5l,1.8l capacity Big Thermos Flask

Similar to Hears the Ueinsang has a wide range of Thermos Flask products. Likewise Haers this model is a Silver metallic Thermos with a hand grip design for easy carrying. Comes in three different sizes and color with all features such as metallic look, food grade steel, portable, and large capacity etc. Other features such as vacuum and thermos capacity can keep your drinks or beverage at the desired temperature for a long time.

images of thermos flask

Images of Thermos Flask by Ueinsang!!!

Ueinsang Stainless Steel Big Thermos Flask comes in 1000ml, 1500ml, and 1800ml sizes. Moreover, the stylish metallic finish and features like vacuum & thermos is perfect for group camping.

Other Thermos Flask Accessories or Thermos Flask parts such as Thermos flask rubber seal please feel free to contact the seller.

7. HAERS: 600ml,760ml,1000ml capacity Thermos Launch box

The next product is a food container rather than liquid storage by the world best Thermos Flask manufacturer Haers. So, don’t skip the launch in office or outdoor. Because the portable Thermos will keep your launch hot until mid-day just like home. Likely other Haers products this Thermos launch box can keep things hot or cold up to 6 hours. Generally, thermos launch box comes in 3 different sizes and colors. Also enjoy features like Food grade stainless steel, 2in1 vacuum along thermoses, eco-friendly and wide mouth etc.

images of thermos flask

images of thermos flask & food container by Haers!!!

HAERS’s Food Thermos in 3 different sizes 600ml 760ml 1000ml and colors Silver, Green, and Blue.

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We have tested several Flasks physically in terms of their quality and performance. Read our previous articles to learn more about the test we’ve taken.