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NIche write for us!!!

Niche write for us: We hereby happy to declare that we’re accepting articles for our blog website. And welcome to our niche write for us page. Hence any freelance writer wants to write for our website can directly contact us using following email address: Either you can write us using our contact page.

What to write? – Niche write for us

First, it’s very important to know about our online shop. In short, we’re a blog website focusing on the different niche. So, we gather the best trending topics on the internet and write about them on our site. So, people learn skills or at least earn knowledge. Moreover, our team do internet research for each niche and ensure every small detail about niche or topic. So, they can provide a proper guideline to readers. As a result, it is easy for our visitors to learn more about the trending topics on the internet.

However, following is the list of our topics for niche writes for us. Hence, we will only accept articles about following niche or keyword. If the keyword doesn’t match our criteria we will not publish the articles online. Such as adult contents, pornography etc.

First Technology. For example: earning tips, online learning, how-to, techniques, & tools etc. We have covered almost any knowledgeable content in our blog. So, feel free to send us your niche and we discuss with our team. If we find the relevant we’ll write to you as soon as possible. Here we’d request you to write us with a sample of your writing you want to be published on our website.

Note: You can use only one backlink to your site. In exchange, you’ll need to provide us a backlink from your site. But we’ll check the link for any kind of spam before publishing the article live. Please remember sites with spam score is not eligible for the exchanging links. Also remember, writers can include only informative links under proper and relevant anchor texts.

How to write articles – Niche write for us

Please follow the instructions for successful submission of articles. If the article matches our standard. In the next 3 business days, we will publish the article live.

  • First, the articles must be at least 700-800 words minimum. Anything under 700 words will not be accepted.
  • Second, the content must be unique. As we try to maintain the Google standards.
  • Third, you need to place some keywords for us and definitely, we’ll provide them.
  • Fourth, the density of keyword must be at least 1% for submission but we prefer 2.5% according to the length of the article.
  • Next, the articles should grammatically correct with no spelling mistakes.
  • Then email us the content with related images (Image should be high quality and copyright free). Either we will replace the images as required.
  • Finally, we will contact you in next 3 business days with the published link.

For more details on niche write for us contact us:

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