From the definition, Blogs are the truncation of the weblog. A kind of discussion and a group of information on a specific subject. Generally, the entries are made following informal style is also known as the post. Mostly the posts follow a specific reverse chronological order. It means the latest post tops the chart of the blog. Earlier in this century till 2009, blogs are considered as an act of a small group or even of a single individual. But after the first day in 2010, the world sees MABs – Multi-Author Blogs from sources like Media, Newspaper, Universities and different institutions. Our Blogs are the small effort towards the informative Internet village.

In this era of social media, we’re blogging all day long behind our knowledge. For example: sharing a status on FB or twitter regarding a latest news or technology is none less than blogging. But as long as the articles are correct and the information is true. In 2018, we’ve no time or either we like to spend leisure on social media than watching TV. In fact, whatever we’re discussing or trending today is somehow the thing we learned from the internet through Fb or any other social media platform. So, it becomes a necessity for us to have a common where we can find every authentic news trending on the internet.

Our blogs

BlogMonastery is an effort towards the generation of information & technology. As we write for people to keep them updated about the stuff are trending on the internet. Our blogs help people to learn more, to earn more and to live the possibilities around them. In our blogs, we cover finance, technology, self-development, and subjects like internet entrepreneurship etc. So, keep reading our blogs or subscribe to our newsletters for regular email updates on different possibilities around you. It is simple spent 15 minutes at the start of your day and learn what’s trending around the world.